ALSTORM Sigma BK 60cm


Model Number
  • Sigma BK 60
Brand Color
  • Black
  • Titanium Glossy Black
  • Curved glass with T-Shape hood
Mount Type
  • Wall Mounted
  • Stainless Steel with Powder Coating Hood
Air Suction Capacity
  • 1100 CMH
Control Panel Type
  • Push Button
  • No
Filter Type
  • Baffle Filter
Model Name
  • Sigma-BK 60
  • Black
Speed Levels
  • 2
Filter Block Indicator
  • No
Noise Level
  • 58 dB
Lighting Features
Number of Lights
  • 2
Light Type
  • Led Light
Dimming Feature
  • No
Power Features
  • Single-phase
Power Requirement
  • 210-240v, 50 Hz
Engine Power
  • 180


For everyone who finds solace in their kitchen, Alstorm introduces a range of kitchen equipment that brings the sophistication back into your personal paradise. If you are a wizard in the kitchen and love to cook up a storm, then this Alstorm sigma 60cm chimney with a big oil collector cup is the right choice for you. Whether you love to prepare a number of spicy gravies or improvise with stuffed parathas, this powerful hooded kitchen chimney is able to handle it all by eliminating the resulting fumes and oil from the surrounding air. Constructed with a sleek stainless steel body and a curved glass canopy, this kitchen chimney will elevate the look of any modern kitchen. Cook your heart out and leave the kitchen at the end of the day feeling fresh, content, and fulfilled. Brand Story: Alstorm aims to build trust by ensuring quality and believes in delivering fine kitchen equipment. Choose from a wide range of exquisite cooktops to kitchen chimneys when you need to give your kitchen the perfect makeover. Alstorm knows how important it is for any kitchen to look good and be enjoyed by those working in it. So enjoy an array of meticulously crafted products, which have been designed to enhance your culinary experience. SIGMA-BK 60cm Chimney with Big Oil Collector Cup by Alstorm Cook in a clean and fresh environment A blend of elegance and functionality Elegant and ultra-appealing, this alstorm chimney from Alstorm will uplift the décor of your kitchen. Its stainless steel construction makes it a durable addition to your urban kitchen while its sleek design enhances the environment. Cook to your heart’s content and stay worry-free about grime and dirt destroying the look of your elegant kitchen. To add further to its elegant exterior, this Alstorm hooded chimney for your kitchen comes with a curved glass body. The curved glass panel forms a perfect canopy over your cooktop and imparts a classy look to your personal haven. Glass is also easy to clean, which makes this chimney a convenient solution all around. Equipped with two strategically placed LED lamps, this Alstorm kitchen chimney helps to create an elegant cooking atmosphere. The two LED lamps focus on your cooktop so that you can enjoy the visual treat of cooking the most delectable dishes for your friends and family. Push button operation Operating this hooded kitchen chimney from Alstorm is incredibly simple. The unit comes equipped with a push-button panel for ultimate ease of control. The large, well-marked buttons dedicated to functions such as the speed, lights, and motor make it a dream to use for everyone. 1100 m3/h suction power This efficient kitchen chimney comes with a capable motor which sucks in the surrounding air at a rate of 1100 m3/h. The impressive suction capacity makes it an ideal addition to any Indian kitchen. The air that is sucked in is freed of any of the oil and grime, thus letting you cook in a fresh environment, all day long. Cook as many dishes as you like without having to suffer the greasy consequences of your culinary pursuits Fixed filter with oil collector An easy solution to keeping your kitchen clean, the Alstorm sigma chimney comes with fixed filters. The air passed through these filters is freed of any oil and grime present in it, which are then collected in the large oil collector cup. The large cup holds more grime for longer and can be removed easily to facilitate a convenient clean-up. Cook as many spicy and buttery dishes as you like without worrying about your kitchen becoming a greasy mess.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg


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