Model Name
  • Brio 2BNR
Model Number
  • Brio 2Burner
Body Material
  • Stainless Steel, Glass
Trivet Material
  • Stainless Steel
Burner Material
  • Brass
  • Black
  • Rectangles
Performance Features
Number of Burners
  • 2
Burner Type
  • High Efficiency Brass Burner
Ignition System
  • Manual
Control Features
  • Manual
Additional Features
Spill Tray Included
  • Yes
Wear Resistant
  • Yes
  • No
Rust Proof
  • Yes
Support Mechanism
  • Rubber Legs
Safety Features
  • Heat Resistant


Alstorm India is a label that means trust and quality. We are the experts to rely on when you need to give your kitchen the perfect makeover. From our wide range of exquisite cook tops to kitchen chimneys and from ovens to reverse osmosis filters, we are a family who believes in delivering nothing but the best. Alstorm aims to build trust by ensuring quality and believes in delivering fine kitchen equipment. Choose from a wide range of exquisite cook tops to kitchen chimneys when you need to give your kitchen the perfect makeover. Multi-Tasking Using One Gas Stove For everyone who finds solace in their kitchen, Alstorm introduces a range of kitchen equipment that brings the sophistication back into your personal paradise. Cook your heart out and leave the kitchen at the end of the day feeling fresh, content, and fulfilled. Break Resistant Glass Top Flaunting a smooth finish courtesy of its toughened glass body, this 2 burner Italian hob by Alstorm commands every attention. Besides making a functional addition, it comes with the looks that make it an ideal equipment for any urban kitchen. Auto-Ignition System A truly international appeal is at the heart of the design of this versatile hob from Alstorm. The auto ignition function eliminates the hassle of having to light the burners manually. In such a system, the knobs need to be pressed down to ignite the flame. Rotate it to get the desired intensity. High Quality Knobs The burners consume less LPG and have a stronger flame than other gas stoves. Apart from being long lasting, they give your kitchen a premium look and feel. Anti-Skid Feet While stirring or applying high pressure to the dish, your stove is at the risk of shifting. Consequently, the dish may get disbalanced and fall on you. The three-burner gas stove’s antiskid feet ensure the gas stove remains stationary even when excess force or pressure is applied. This makes for a comfortable cooking experience each time. Heat Resistant and Safety The three burner pans and nylon coated knobs can withstand high temperatures on a daily basis. The glass top is shatterproof and does not chip or crack when faced with extreme heat. All these features, combined with the anti-skid feet, ensure risks like burning and dis-balancing are minimized. Easy to Clean One of the greatest challenges while cooking is maintaining a clean kitchen. The two burner gas stove can be cleaned very easily, simply by using a wet cloth. Now you can leave your kitchen as clean as when you started.


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